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Vacuum Coolant Accumulator



The coolant accumulator....

  • consists of an inner and an outer tank
  • storages the hot coolant fluid inside the inner tank
  • insulates the inner tank via a high vacuum between the inner and the outer tank
  • has two tube connectors one for intake respectively another for drainage for the coolant

Mode of operation

  • During the working engine the cooling accumulator is flashed with hot coolant
  • After engine stop the hot coolant remains inside the accumulator and loses due to its vacuum insulation only a small amount of heat energy
  • For a following cold start the still hot coolant from the accumulator will be pumped into the engine block and replaces the cold coolant
  • Therefor the cold engine heats up in between some seconds
  • If the coolant operation temperature in the engine is achieved, the coolant accumulator will be flashed with hot coolant again
  • The character of heat energy loss in a 3,6 liter coolant accumulator is visible in the diagram above during a period of 72 hours for an ambient temperature of 20°C

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