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Swirl-Tumble-Generator "DTE"

Tumble position of the DTE

Swirl position of the DTE

Tumble position of the DTE

DTE for a four cylinder 16 valve engine


Design of the DTE


 The DTE....

  • is a pivoted flap, which is positioned in the inlet port of the cylinder head directly in front of the inlet valve
  • enables with its flap to close ore reduce fully variable the flow section of the inlet port
  • pivoted flap is independendly full variable rotatable around the axis of the inlet port


Mode of operation


The DTE....

  • controls by the position of its flap the gas flow in the inlet port into preferred sections of the open valve gap
  • generates by those asymmetrical flow distortion in the valve gap efficient gas flow characteristics inside the cylinder
  • supports and increases desired flow characteristics like Swirl on Diesel engines and Tumble for gasoline engines
  • flap position enables to control fully variable the velocity of the gas flow as well as the flow direction as favored for each engine speed an load

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