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DS-125cc fourstroke rotary valve engine

            Rotary valve engine                                          Original DOHC-engine

Weight savings:               2,5 Kg

Package savings:             80 mm



Targets for the application of the rotary valve train on the 125cc motorcycle engine

  • Demonstration of the package and weight benefits
  • Increase of maximum torque and reduction of fuel consumption by high compression ratio and  decrease of friction losses
  • De-throttling at part load by high exhaust gas reduction (EGR)
  • Perpetuation of original carburator and silencer equipment
  • Reduction of engine noise emissions

Results of the rotary valve train on the 125cc motorcycle engine

  • The engine dimensions of the cylinder head had been reduced significantly. Weight savings of 2,5 Kg and height savings of 80mm had been realized.
  • The peak performance had been achieved in combination with a much improved torque characteristic (see figure-performance diagram)
  • A high compression ratio of 14:1 without knocking phenomena had been realized
  • The engine had been de-throttled essential by EGR
  • During the field tests the fuel consumption had been reduced from 3,2 L/100km (original engine) to 2,8 L/100km for the rotary valve engine
  • The noise emission at near sound field had been decreased for 2 dBA

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