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About us

  • The engineering office Hofmann-Drehschiebermotoren  developes components for combustion engines and thermal engines
  • Our primarily activities are the development of new products
  • We perform calculations, constructions and design of engines and components
  • We produce prototypes and small batches
  • The thematic focuses are our internal developments:
  1. Exhaust gas supercharging of small engines with our new developed supercharger "Abgasladepumpe" (ALP) for improving engine torque / power and reduction of specific fuel consumption
  2. Rotary valve trains for combustion engines, especially for high revving engines, like motorcycle and chain saws, but generally also vehicle and stationary engines
  3. Electromagnetic valve trains (HGV), known as impulse valves, which are fixed directly on a cylinder head to achieve a full variable valve timing
  4. Swirl-Tumble-Generator (DTE) as a built-in-part into the cylinder head for generating or improving swirl respectively tumble flow in the combustion chamber
  5. Vacuum coolant accumulator for the reduction of specific fuel consumption, improvement of cold start emissions and as an comfort feature for a quick warming up of the passenger cab

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