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Rotary valve engines

designed by Hofmann-Drehschiebermotoren

BMW F650 single cylinder engine with rotary valve cylinder head

Moto Guzzi 950 V2-engine with rotary valve cylinder heads

Section of our rotary valve cylinder head

What is a rotary valve train?

  • The rotary valve train substitudes the complete conventionel valve train (poppet valves, cam shafts etc.) includung the cylinder head
  • The rotary valve rotates contineously driven by the crankshaft
  • scavenging areas inside the rotary valve enable the gaslfow to the combustion chamber according the desired control time
  • The rotary valve is sealed to the combustion chamber by a patented low friction sealing that is dry lubticated without oil
  • The rotary valve train is applicable for air- and liquid cooled engines

Advantages of the rotary valve train

compared with poppet valve trains

  • Less package (20-50%) and less weight (20-60%) of the cylinder head
  • No speed limit of the valve train
  • Scavenging areas are equal or superior to those of modern four valve cylinder heads
  • Reduction of mechanical friction losses
  • Free of maintanance
  • High compression ratios similiar to Diesel engines without knocking are realizable and enable a significant reduction of fuel consumption and a high compatibility of exhaust gas reduction (EGR)
  • Less production costs by a lower number of components and easy assembling
  • Reduced noise emmision of the cylinder head due to missing oscillating poppet valves
  • Suitability for twostroke and fourstroke engines
  • Suitability for various types of fuel and systems of carburation
  • Suitability for various types of engines like motorcycle, passenger car, range extender, stationary engines, etc.

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